Certification of welders (Part 1).

Certification results of welding technology obtain practical value only after certification of individual welders for executing welding works in compliance with this technology. These two types of measures differ from each other in virtue of different goals of their existence. We will presume that suitable welding technologies were accepted and confirmed with the help of one or other method. To determine if the welders have enough qualification for executing qualitative welder seams using these technologies, it is necessary to conduct tests according to welders’ certification program.

In case of technologies certification the main goal concludes in examination of materials’ compatibility and methods of worksexecutions. After confirmation of compatibility, the certification of certain welders is realized that allows determining their qualification level. Consequently, the tests accordingly to the welders’ certification program are held according to other principle.

In spite of certain differences, the certification of welders has series of general elements with technologies certification. Existence of significant basic parameters are the part of this series. In case of welders’ certification, these parameters can include the welding location, the geometry of joint, type and size of electrodes, type of base metal, and specific methods of executing the welding process. Indicated parameters are related to those aspects of welding works, which directly depend on individual features of welder.

Usually, in the collection of rules and regulations, the limitations are clearly stipulated and they are applied to basic parameters. For example, the limitations of certain types of welded seams location are nicely shown in AWS D1.1, applied during certification of welders.

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