Welder Qualification Test (Part 5).

After performance of the control welded seam, the designation is applied on it and the name of the welder, position at test is entered, and also sample top tags in case of the pipe welding in provisions 5G and 6G. Further, it is specified in the norms and rules collection whether carrying out nondestructive tests, and also type and quantity of the required control samples is necessary. In general, the welder qualification test requires smaller quantity of samples, than for technology certification. At the welder qualification test some norms and rules collections allow carrying out only nondestructive tests like radiography instead of the usual destroying tests.

At the each welder qualification test the welding sheets are required to carry out only two tests on a bend. Apply tests on a bend with stretching of the outer and root side of a seam to thinner sheets, and for sheets 3/8 inches are thicker carrying out tests on a side bend is required. It is connected with the increased complexity of the bend performance of very big thickness samples.

Practically all control samples for the welder qualification test are intended for tests for durability which number treat test on a bend, Charpy test and test by destruction of the angular sample with one angular seam. At the same time, the same configurations of samples and methods of carrying out tests are used, as well as at the technology certification. At the welder qualification test for work with sheets or cutting pipes samples is carried out according to the applicable section of the norms and rules collection. The samples of the welding pipes which are carried out in provisions 5G and 6G are cut out taking into account location of the top point of the pipe when performing welding works.

After the appropriate selection, the cuttings and tests of samples, assessment of these samples according to requirements of the appropriate norms and rules collection is carried out. If all test results admit satisfactory, it is considered that the welder underwent certification for execution of welding in the limits provided by requirements of this certification. Test results, and also the description of the used welding technology are specified on the form of the protocol confirming that the welder fulfilled the requirements provided by the program of certification.

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