Attestation of welding technology (Part 6).

General program of enterprise about technology attestation by tests conducting is:

–       Welding parameters determination;

–       Examination of equipment’s and materials’ aptitude;

–       Assemblage for welding and execution of welding process observation with registration all significant parameters and results;

–       Selection, determination and cutting out necessary check samples;

–       Testing and evaluating samples;

–       Analyzing test results with the object to accordance to standards requirements;

–       Permission for using approved technology in the process of manufacturing;

–       Individual attestation of welders in accordance with certain technical requirements;

–       Supervision of certain technology using when realizing production process for providing stable satisfactory results.

In spite of the fact that few differences can exist between procedures, applied in different companies, the majority of indicated arrangements are sufficiently important and deserve attention. Welding inspector can demand to participate in all 9 stages and only in some of them that also depends on organizational structure of the company.

It is necessary to understand, that one of the most important aspects of technology attestation is its using during manufacturing welding works. Frequently companies conduct tests in accordance with attestation program exceptionally in an effort to satisfy customer’s requirements. After the attestation test protocols are placed into a folder, which is held on the shelf or in the cabinet for documentation. It doesn’t have any benefit to welder in the workshop, which has to know the information, indicated in forms of technology attestation.

Technologies description represent welding instructions, therefore they need to be easily accessible for welder during work. Indicated there data contain all necessary information about approved welding technology, that allows welder to look through these requirements if some questions will appear. It is also convenient for the welding inspector, who can examine requirements to welding technology and compare them with actual parameters, which are applied by the welder during manufacturing. Monitoring during welding execution also allows discovering imperfections of technology, which can become apparent only in the process of welding work conducting. When discovering imperfections welding inspector can report about them to the foreman or welding engineer in an effort to execute correctional actions.

Standard forms were developed for each collection of standards and rules, which allow presenting information about technology attestation in brief terms that are used in an effort to simplify works.

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