Welding procedure qualification (Part 5).

Each set of norms and rules specifies defined criteria for performance of tests in the course of welding procedure qualification. Acting as a welding inspector you may need to participate in this estimation as well as in the performance of tests themselves. Probably the most important task of the welding inspector during performance of qualification consists in close observation over performance of welding for ensuring procedure observation. If problems occur in the course of use of the welding procedure, which are connected with flaws in the procedure itself, there is a possibility of determination and solving these problems at this stage but not during performance of welding works. The last method of the welding procedure qualification consists in use of a special weld model which is intended for tests. Sometimes, this method is used for welded items of complex configuration, when there areconcerns that the welding works may exert negative influence on general form or condition of this element. Such factors as a significant degree of restriction of movement as well as inaccessibility of the weld joint are potential reasons of problems which might happen in the course of welding, however, their estimation through type tests according to the qualification program is more complicated. Only performance of test welds at weld joints models can solve these problems.

Model tests can be performed separately or are used in combination with more common methods of qualification. In both cases, these tests will be useful for a performer of welding works, because it will give him the opportunity to understand how to perform a certain weld as well as to determine possibility of successful application of the defined method. This important experience can be achieved during performance of tests that will help avoid the necessity of elimination of procedure flaws in the process of works.

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